Bushover's Biologicals is happy to be partnering with ImmnunoReagents Inc. to to provide outstanding antibody purification services at an exceptional value.  All finished products must meet rigorous quality control testing to ensure top performance and lot-to-lot consistency. ImmunoReagents complies with all cGMP and quality Systems requirements (QSRs) for antibody purification and customer service. All steps and reagents are fully documented and traceable. 

Bushover's Biologicals is happy to announce that we have started new goats on different programs to meet the demands of our customers. We have started Human Liver Ferritin, Human Alpha Feta Protein, Human Cardiac Myoglobin and a new product for us, Human Hemoglobin. All the immunogens are greater than 95% purity by SDS Page. Bulk amounts for Ferritin are readily available and the rest of the programs will be available for bulk purchase in the fall of 2016. We also second antibodies available in bulk, Rabbit anti Goat IgG, Rabbit anti Mouse IgG, and Goat anti Rat IgG.

Lab Manager Becky Oxley celebrated 20 years of service on June 1, 2016 and Lab Technician Melisa Belanger will celebrate her 10 year anniversary February 7, 2017. Thank you ladies for your hard work and dedication.


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